Research Area IV

Tony Jebara

Professor Computer Science Columbia University Tony directs the Columbia Machine Learning Laboratory. Our research area is machine learning, a field which develops novel algorithms that use data to model complex real-world phenomena and to make accurate predictions about them. Our work spans both the applied and the fundamental aspects of the field. We have made contributions by migrating generalized matching, […]

Paul Sajda

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Radiology (Physics) and Electrical Engineering Columbia University Columbia University’s Laboratory for Intelligent Imaging and Neural Computing (LIINC) was founded in September 2000 by Paul Sajda. The mission of LIINC is to using principles of reverse “neuro”-engineering to characterize the cortical networks underlying perceptual and cognitive processes, such as rapid decision making, in the human brain. Our […]

Larry Abbott

Professor of Neuroscience and Biological Sciences Columbia University My research involves the computational modeling and mathematical analysis of neurons and neural networks. Analytic techniques and computer simulation are used to study how single neurons respond to their many synaptic inputs, how neurons interact to produce functioning neural circuits, and how large populations of neurons represent, store, and process information. Areas […]

John P. Cunningham

Assistant Professor of Statistics and Neuroscience Columbia University Many fields and industries are witnessing huge increases in the quantity and complexity of recorded data. This changing data paradigm will only lead to a similarly dramatic increase in theoretical understanding and useful technologies if we create the analytical methods to meaningfully interrogate this data. Creating these statistical and machine learning algorithms […]

Liam Paninski


Research Area IV: Computational Methods for Neuroscience Leader Columbia University Liam Paninski is a Professor of Statistics, Co-Director of the Grossman Center for Statistics, a member of the Kavli Institute for Brain Science and a Co-PI of the NeuroTechnology Center (NTC) at Columbia University. He is an expert in data analysis and computational approaches to neuronal coding. The neural coding […]