Research Area III

Aurel Lazar

(Fellow, IEEE), Professor of Electrical Engineeringg Columbia University My current research interests are in computing with neural circuits (in silico), and on reverse engineering the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) brain (in vivo). My work on computing with neural circuits is centered on Neural Computing Engines and on Massively Parallel Neural Computation. I pioneered formal theoretical methods of neural encoding and […]

Michal Lipson


Professor of Electrical Engineering Columbia University We investigate the physics and applications of nanoscale photonic structures. In particular, we are interested in light confining structures that can slow down, trap, enhance and manipulate light. Photonic structures can enhance light-matter interactions by orders of magnitude.The applications of the devices that we design, fabricate and demonstrate are numerous: on-chip light modulation (optically […]

Ken Shepard


Research Area III: Electrical Methods and Nanotechnology Leader Columbia University Ken Shepard is a Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Co­-PI of the NeuroTechnology Center (NTC) at Columbia University. He has extensive experience in CMOS design and nanofabrication for neural recording and stimulation and will coordinate the nanotechnology thrust. Email: Personal Website Publications: Dean CR, Young AF, Meric I, et al. […]